Ambition: “As a manager or chief executive you want people alongside you who are going to share your hunger,” Caan says. “Otherwise it is impossible to build the successful company you envision.”

Initiative: “The simple fact is that every manager wants workers who have the initiative to organize their workload and go about their business without the need for constant supervision,” he says.

Commitment: “Someone who is prepared to stick at it even when times are tough,” says Caan, “and who will go that extra mile for themselves and the company is a huge asset.”

Personality: “It is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in the modern world, so someone who has a little bit of personality can make a big difference to the atmosphere in the workplace,” he says.

“Many candidates go into interviews and are keen to emphasis their skills,” Caan says. “This is fine, but if you can also show potential employers you have most of the qualities listed above — preferably with examples — you will almost certainly become a more attractive candidate.”

via 4 Key Qualities That Every Employer Looks For In Candidates – Business Insider.



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