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“Andy has been a tremendous asset to our organization. He does a great job understanding the business objectives and making sure our goals are met when implementing technology. He pays attention to the finer details and ensures everyone is on the same page. He delivers on-time and always goes above and beyond expectations.” – Ryan Ripa, UCX


PTC AxedaFocused on automated deployment of infrastructure along with building and maintenance of various Ansible scripts.



Architected, built and maintained open source puppet infrastructure. Multi-tiered deployment strategies were needed to allow regional control. Puppet packages for a variety of database and Firstdatamessage queuing solutions were built and modified to meet security requirements. Salt was also introduced as an alternative to allow for finer control of orchestration and state of deployments.

Computer Associates - CA

Completed work to package existing software solutions so that they could be deployed onto provisioned infrastructure. Built and maintained software used to deploy infrastructure within a selection of cloud vendors. Extensive use of APIs from VMWare and AWS were required. (read recommendations)