We offer a full range of services that include:

  • Ansible and Puppet playbook creation and support
  • CI/CD chain consultation, implementation, and support (git, ansible, haproxy)
  • Orchestration tool configuration and support – Swarm, Kubernetes

DevOps (short for development operations) is the latest paradigm in software development whereby the IT used to support the underlying SDLC tools is extended to bridge the gaps between different research and development departments; making the process of rapid release achievable. The problem has been that software may operate “just fine for me” in a development environment but fail to work properly when released into a production environment (operations). myDev-Ops.com services target this inconsistency. Each department involved with the engineering and release of a software product remains responsible for their subject matter expertise while continuous integration and delivery tools and scripts pass the product from one stage to the next (engineering -> test -> localization -> tech writing -> customer). This new field of expertise has been coined due to the high demand for more agile/nimble processes to satisfy the ever-changing needs of customers. Churning out builds nightly, and on demand, is our specialty at myDev-Ops.com. We meet with you to go over the specifics of your solutions and goals to meet customer demand. We do the rest. We build a comprehensive plan detailing how we will integrate, automate and provision your software so that it suits the needs of your software development lifecycle and, most importantly, your customers. Well, what are you waiting for? Get started today with a free consultation. Send us an email: andy@mydev-ops.com.

What do we do at myDev-Ops?

We offer a short list of fine-tuned services to recruiters, job seekers and organizations in need of devops assistance.

Contact Us to see if we can help you. Additionally, if you are in need of on-site or remote dev-ops assistance, we can help you out directly. We have expertise in many technologies:

    • software development life cycles (SDLC)
    • source control management systems (SCM – Git, SVN)
    • Automation Tools and Solutions (Puppet, Ansible, Salt)
    • Continuous Integration frameworks (Jenkins, etc)
    • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers
    • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) providers
    • Container-as-a-Service (CaaS)

We can work with you to determine where you want to take your organization’s delivery platform. We work with you to plan, evaluate, implement, configure, and test your desired environment. Then we can help you move it into production as well as train your staff on how to use and maintain this new workflow. Contact Us today for a consultation.

DevOps As A Service (DaaS)

Are you looking for a solution to you continuous integration challenges? Devops As A Service (DaaS) might be right for you. We believe the best test for any cloud-based automation framework is to build and test it from the outside (remotely). After all, a cloud-based solution needs to work from the perspective of the client, so why not architect, implement and test it from that vantage point?  Check out our Dev-Ops platform creation service and let us build and automate your platform. If you are looking for talented and experienced devops engineers that can take your continuous integration projects to the next level, drop us a line at andy@mydev-ops.com. We can match you up with an expert today. And, if you are a devops rockstar, we want to hear from you also. We are always looking for talented engineers looking to make a difference in our customer’s environments.  Contact Us to talk about employment opportunities.

What is the cost of DevOps?

Without a focus on DevOps you can expect inconsistency in your solution development and release cycles.  Some of these inconsistencies are more costly than others.

devops effect_2

Why is this so difficult?

top five devops obstacles

Is DevOps a good investment?

is devops a good investment?
  Get started today with a free consultation. Send us an email to andy@mydev-ops.com.